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Cloud Procurement Lessons from Spend Matters and KPMG

A couple weeks ago, Spend Matters was joined by KPMG in a webcast that focused on cloud procurement, sponsored by Hubwoo. We were given free reign to focus on this big topic, so we tried to find a good mix of education, lessons from the trenches, challenges in the market, and what the future might hold. Today we offer access to the recording, slides, and biggest lessons learned.

Have eProcurement But Still Chasing Your Tail (Spend)?

Tail spend mis-management, or rather the lack of management altogether, costs organizations millions every year. Yes, we have all heard of “maverick” spending where buyers purchase low-volume items off contract and often pay way above the contracted value, even making duplicate purchases in some cases. “But we have an eProcurement solution, a solution that we paid dearly for, just stick to the catalogued items – it’s straight forward!” we hear procurement executives exclaim in frustration as employees seemingly flitter away spend on non-core items despite the heavy investment in an eProcurement solution.

Hubwoo: Transitioning Beyond the SAP Ecosystem [Plus+]

Hubwoo has been aggressively positioning itself as an alternative to the Ariba Business Network to existing SAP customers, and also going after different ecosystems (e.g., Microsoft). Today I’ll share a few of my thoughts on some of Hubwoo’s newer developments and how they stack up in the marketplace (especially compared to Ariba/SAP). Bottom line? Buyer requirements will vary, but competition is always a healthy thing. As such, having Hubwoo around is great for not just the SAP customers who want non-Ariba SAP applications in the cloud, but also for those customers who want to keep SAP/Ariba honest, focused on value, and open.

Hanging Out with Hubwoo in the Belly of the Beast at SAP Sapphire (Part 1)

Last month, I went down to Orlando to co-present with Hubwoo at a small AP conference, and since it was during the same week as Sapphire, I decided to attend. I did not go to SAP Sapphire as a ‘sanctioned’ analyst, so I had a terrific time walking the floor, speaking with SAP/Ariba employees at the demonstration booths, and attending practitioners sessions unencumbered by having to go through an ‘analyst relations’ group that often market influencers away from the sessions where reality lives.

Hubwoo and Microsoft Partner: Relationship Dynamics and Ecosystem

Hubwoo and Microsoft recently announced a partnership that allows Microsoft Dynamics AX customers to access Hubwoo’s cloud-based supplier connectivity, procurement and e-invoicing/AP enablement capabilities. Check […]

Hubwoo and Microsoft Partner: Relationship Dynamics and Ecosystem [Plus+]

Even though Phase 1 of the Hubwoo/Microsoft relationship is targeted at Dynamics AX users (typically middle market and larger enterprises rather than SMBs only), the overall Dynamics AX installed base, including other solutions targeted at smaller businesses, includes 350,000 businesses. Microsoft told Spend Matters that one of the growth engines of Dynamics AX has been CRM, which has had 34 quarters of consecutive double-digit growth with a current user base of more than 39,000 companies, and 3 million individual users. Longer-term, given this significant CRM traction, it’s possible to see how Hubwoo’s Network could potential integrate on the “sell-side” of enterprise solutions, helping organizations identify new sources of business and directly link these opportunities into CRM.