Feeling pressure from fintechs, SWIFT to update its cross-border transaction capabilities

SWIFT, the Belgium-based cooperative whose money messaging services are used for cross-border transactions around the world, is feeling the heat from firms muscling in on its dominance in the field.

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Inoculating supply chains against disruptive events with a resiliency strategy

Dhaval Buch is the Group President for Technology at the Mahindra Group Dhaval Buch is the Group President for Technology at the Mahindra Group. He recently served as interim CEO at Bristlecone, a Mahindra Group firm.

Recent events have clearly highlighted the importance of supply chains for individual businesses — and for the global economy. As enterprises seek to prepare themselves for other future unknowns, it’s vital that they inoculate their supply chains against similar disruptive events.

In this Q&A, Bristlecone — a global provider of supply chain strategy, planning and operations consulting, and product engineering services — looks at how savvy CPOs can go about implementing this “inoculation.” Dhaval Buch, Group Technology President at the Mahindra Group and former Chief Procurement Officer of one of the largest global Fortune 500 CPG organizations, shares his thoughts and insights on this topic.

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