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BT Sourced, based in Dublin, announces use of Globality AI-powered Smart Sourcing platform


Today, Silicon Valley-headquartered tech firm Globality announced a partnership with BT Sourced to use its AI-powered Smart Sourcing® platform.

“BT’s changing and so is procurement,” said CPO Cyril Pourrat. “Digitization is the driving force for long-term growth and value to the BT customer and operating model. Partnering with Globality will help us to embrace digital technology and simplify our processes … Having immediate access to our current suppliers and Globality’s diverse global network will bring agility and new value to our teams.” BT now uses Globality’s AI advisor, Glo™ to quickly and easily source the best suppliers for consulting, marketing, IT, HR, legal and other service categories. Here's the news in full ...

Of Supplier Management…and Horsemeat [Plus+]

The horsemeat scandal in the UK has been occupying a lot of media attention and, I’m sure, much time and effort amongst procurement and supply chain managers in the food industry and elsewhere. It raises so many questions for our profession, and there are very obvious issues here around supplier management in the broadest sense – including questions around quality assurance regimes, supplier information, verification, understanding multi-tier supply chains, systems and technology for managing supplier information and performance... it’s a long list.