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Apple's Procurement Strategy

Recently, news surfaced that Apple is planning to award more business to a relatively unknown company called Pegatron. Though the jury is still out on the success of such a move, it nevertheless provides some pointers on the procurement’s alignment with overall organizational goals. GEP takes a look at the potential benefits of Apple's decision, from risk diversification to margins sustenance.

Exciting Changes and Enhancements for Spend Matters PRO [Plus+]

Hi PRO subscribers! We're pleased to bring you our first ever video post, featuring Jason Busch on some exciting changes coming down the pike for Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO in 2013 and beyond.

Advanced Sourcing: The Basics – Who, What, Where and How

We're big fans of advanced sourcing models that enable organizations to go beyond basic bidding strategies, but there seems to be a general lack of awareness in the market about how these sourcing models work.

Supercharging Procurement’s Buying Leverage

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Jim Kiser of GEP. In today’s competitive business environment, companies are under pressure to increase their profit to […]

Achieving Savings in the Temporary Staffing Category

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post by Anshu Vazirani of GEP. The temporary labor market trend follows the economy’s growth and recession cycle very faithfully. […]

If Steve Jobs were CPO

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post by Santosh Nair of GEP. One might wonder what Steve Jobs has in common with procurement. He is the […]

Coupa Inspire: Quick Audience Opinions on Procurement’s Future

During a combined keynote at Coupa Inspire, Patrice Maheo (Managing Director, KPMG Sourcing & Procurement Advisory) and Dr. Rob Handfield, (Professor of Supply Chain Management, North Carolina State University), shared their thoughts on what procurement managers of the future might look […]