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Ms. Bossi Goes to Washington: An Interview with Jill Bossi, Ex-CPO and Candidate for US Senate, 2014, Part 2

Pierre asks Jill Bossi about term limits, the arguably dysfunctional two-party system in America and diversity among other things. Jill is a former CPO with The American Red Cross and decided to take her procurement skills to the federal government. In Part 2 of her interview with Pierre she explains how complicated things aren't necessarily good things.

Ms. Bossi goes to Washington: An interview with Jill Bossi, Ex-CPO and Candidate for US Senate, 2014, Part 1

In this three-part series, Pierre interviews former American Red Cross CPO Jill Bossi about her upcoming run for Senate with the American Party of South Carolina. The two discuss procurement in government as well as the shortcomings of the two party system, term limits and the complexity of strategic sourcing at the federal level.

Mexico’s New E-Invoicing Requirements: CFDI Background and Compliance Requirements

Mexico recently accelerated the implementation of its e-invoicing requirements. The compliance requirements under the Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet (CFDI) are complex by any electronic invoicing standard. In a multi-part series featuring an interview we recently conducted with Invoiceware’s CEO Scott Lewin and VP of Marketing/Product Strategy Steve Sprague, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the requirement, beginning today with the legal and compliance background and compliance elements.

Spend Matters Netherlands and UK/Europe Expansion

We’re thrilled that Spend Matters Netherlands is our first local language website in the Spend Matters Network. But what does our jump to the Continent […]