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Harnessing Strategic Partners for Sourcing Innovation

Spend Matters welcomes this guest article by Brian Miller, vice president of services at Intesource. CPOs have plenty of strategies in their sourcing toolbox to mitigate risk-taking the time to fully understand suppliers’ business operations, conducting regular audits, monitoring inventory, market and supplier performance, having a plan of action at the ready and diversifying the supply base. All of these tactics fortify the supply chain against the unpredictable and contribute to a well-rounded risk management program. But which strategy gives CPOs the most bang for their buck? Which tool fosters the most business growth while mitigating risk in the process?

Take the Next Step: Turning Your Procurement Success into Career Advancement

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post form Brian Miller, vice president of services at Intesource. If you’ve used e-sourcing technology, you’re likely familiar with the benefits it brings to your business – the frequent double-digit savings, the process efficiencies and the ability to quickly and easily source products and services across a wide range of direct and indirect categories.

Mobility & Procurement: The Next Phase of Sourcing Transformation

In today’s procurement world, the strength of your strategic sourcing team can be a major factor in your overall success – and emerging technologies and increased access to data are empowering buyers to achieve greater results than ever before. While old-school sourcing skills and values such as supplier relationships and category expertise remain as relevant as ever today, new tools are transforming the way businesses run reverse auctions, approach supplier negotiations, and manage categories.