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IQNavigator Continues Its Ecosystem Development With New Strategic Alliances


IQNavigator (IQN) announced three new strategic alliances, continuing the development of its contingent workforce ecosystem, based on its IQN Compass platform released in March. Spend Matters extensively covered the unveiling of IQN’s new strategic road map this year. One of the key elements of IQN’s platform strategy is to build an ecosystem of talent sources and complementary service solutions providers. The recent announcements should be viewed in this context.

VMS and Services Procurement Acquisition Watch: Fieldglass, IQNavigator, Beeline?

Yesterday, we featured an in-depth analysis of why we believe with 90% certainty that at least one of the largest vendor management system (VMS) providers such as Fieldglass, IQNavigator or Beeline will be acquired in the next 12 months. Thinking about investors and potential suitors, there are a range of converging reasons why the timing is right for a transaction. Among others areas, we note that “fund timing” could be right given that the two largest VMS providers are currently owned by private equity firms.

M&A Watch: Which Top VMS Will Be Acquired in The Next 12 Months? [PRO]

Services procurement management and categories are increasingly getting intertwined with regular procurement operations and oversight. Year-by-year, procurement is gaining influence over a wide variety of services spending areas, from basic contingent labor to complex business process outsourcing (BPO) areas – not to mention a large number of categories in between. Yet best-of-breed contingent and SOW – as opposed to specialized category specific – suite solutions for services procurement such as Fieldglass, IQNavigator, Beeline and Provade have long remained independent of suite procurement specialists and ERP providers, which have the dominant ear of procurement senior management outside of the services area. This is likely to change for a variety of reasons in the coming years, one of which is our hypothesis that SAP (and possibly IBM or Oracle) will acquire one of the top VMS providers, even paying a healthy premium (and market valuation) to do so. We believe with near certainty (90% probability) that at least one transaction will happen in the next 12 months.

IQNavigator – Opening up the SOW Kimono (Part 3) [Plus+]

One way to look at IQNavigator’s SOW capability is as a central hub from which to manage decentralized information, permissioning, and provisioning, which is all related to service provider access, service delivery, payment and vendor compliance. Whereas the system can, for example, enable providers to submit time cards directly or upload lump sum payment requests based on an SOW, it can also act as a provisioning tool such that the consultants (or services providers) not on an active assignment tied to an SOW are not provided with network, building and related access (and/or their permissions are turned on/off as status tied to individual SOWs changes).

IQNavigator – Opening up the SOW Kimono (Part 2) [Plus+]

It’s not surprising that IQNavigator’s statement of work customers are prioritizing a range of different goals and outcomes. On a foundational level, one organization in the financial services industry is using IQNavigator’s SOW capability to manage some $200MM in annual SOW spend, primarily to “track changes and manage approvals for SOW scope, timing, cost and delivery” resources as well as to maintain “full budget and cost controls.” Justifying the business case for SOW, this organization has realized an average of ten change orders for projects lasting a year or more (on a per-year basis).