ISM 2018 Content

Why Relationship Management Will Be Critical to Procurement’s Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity was much more than a buzzword at ISM2018, as procurement professionals packed several related sessions earlier Tuesday to learn more about how they can build a defense against this intangible threat.

Throughout these presentations, a common theme emerged. Procurement may be facing numerous cyber risks as it expands its supply base complexity and adopts interconnected software systems, but it never does so alone. Rather, procurement sits at the nexus of a large number of actors who all have a stake in the security of their IT operations.

Why Supply Chain Finance Could Be the Key to Widespread Blockchain Adoption

Organizations are emerging from the hype phase for the technology and instead starting to take stock of whether they have the technical expertise and talent to actually use blockchain. To do that, they’ll need to know not only where blockchain could be applied in the supply chain but how exactly it works. Only then can procurement organizations begin to assess whether they’ll be ready to take the next adoption step with the technology.

This is the objective of a new study by CAPS Research of Arizona State University. During a presentation Monday at ISM2018, Dale Rogers and Thomas Choi took attendees through a detailed tour of blockchain, from its origins as a descendant of ERP systems to potential ways procurement can spur adoption of the technology using supply chain finance.

ISM 2018: Procurement Steps Out Into the Digital Era

This year ISM’s annual conference, which features more than 2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals, is emphasizing a decidedly forward-looking tone. In addition to the usual sessions on talent management and elevating procurement’s role in the business, ISM is doubling down on several futuristic-sounding topics, including guides to implementing artificial intelligence, explorations of blockchain use cases and strategic plans for building a procurement defense against cyberattacks.