ISM 2019 Content

ISM 2019 Dispatch: Challenges of a New Chief Procurement Officer

Caldwell Hart has taken on the greatest challenge of his career, and he is thriving. As the very first CPO of MKS Instruments, a global manufacturer of advanced equipment with 6,000 employees and nearly $2.5 billion in annual revenue with a major focus on R&D, he has to draw on all of his 20 years of experience in procurement and supply chain management to support 10,000+ products across their lifecycles. This is not a tale of transformation but rather of procurement enabling growth — rapid growth.

ISM 2019 Dispatch: MGM Resorts’ E-Procurement Transformation Journey

One striking presentation on Monday featured an in-depth look at MGM Resorts’ journey in choosing and implementing an e-procurement solution. Led by Amanda Prochaska, former VP of procurement at MGM, the talk also featured comments from David Natoff, a consultant on the project (and formerly with Google). The track leader Bernd Huber kicked things off before we got down to the nitty-gritty.

At ISM 2019, Janet Yellen and Carly Fiorina See the Supply Chain as a Force for Change

Supply chains get the spotlight at ISM conventions, of course, but businesswoman Carly Fiorina and former Fed Chair Janet Yellen put them in perspective, giving them credit for driving change, addressing tariffs and uncertain trade policies, as well as keeping inflation at bay. On Tuesday at ISM 2019 in Houston, Yellen discussed global economic issues, had an upbeat outlook ("I see a decent year this year; I don’t see a recession”) and said the work of supply chain professionals can drive down inflation, which is key to maintaining growing economies. Fiorina spoke Monday about leadership and how supply chain teams can drive change for their companies.

Live Coverage from ISM 2019: Digitizing the Human Touch


The Institute for Supply Management’s premier annual conference, ISM2019, has kicked off in Houston with informational Q&As and breakout sessions. With a number of Spend Matters team members on the ground at the event, we’re pleased to bring you the opening dispatch tonight. One highlight among the sessions so far has been Charlotte de Brabandt’s presentation "Digitizing the Human Touch: Transforming Talent and Impact of Young Professionals."