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Make Procurement Great Again!

Global Procurement Tech Summit

I decided to have some fun this week and change my Skype handle to “Make Procurement Great Again.” It has generated far more of a response than I could have imagined, and, yes, I admit to having a twisted sense of political humor. But "The Donald" may have a point. We do need to make procurement great again, and like Trump, we need to inspire the voting masses who would otherwise not get involved in politics, those with their own set of issues that they believe go unheard by mainstream leaders.

Jason Busch Explains Technology, ‘The Big Picture’ and What to Expect at #ProcureTech2016

Analytics are pointing the procurement industry in a new direction, driven by technology that is giving us a clear glimpse of what the landscape will look like 10 years from now. Let Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, explain in this brief, 80-second video. You can get the full picture by attending the Global Procurement Technology Summit March 14-16 in Baltimore.

Supplier Management in 2016: Onboarding, Risk Management, Development and More

supplier management

Supplier management is a catch-all description for a set of activities and technologies that are often carried out in silos across an organization. From accounts payable-centric onboarding (also known as enablement) of new suppliers to risk management activities with a supply chain focus, to strategic development centered on joint cost takeout and innovation led by cross functional procurement and non-procurement teams, supplier management has grown to encompass a wide range of initiatives and numerous individuals both within and outside the organization.

Direct Procurement in 2016: Manufacturing, Commodity Management, Supply Chain and More

direct materials sourcing

There are many who would argue that direct procurement is procurement. Yet I typically define direct procurement, in the broadest sense, as referring to the sourcing, buying and management of ingredients, materials, parts, components, assemblies, packaging and related items, and services associated with “spend” that is accounted for under costs of goods sold (COGS) from an accounting perspective.

E-Procurement in 2016: Big Shifts Ahead


The e-procurement market, one of the original technology segments to center on automating and improving procurement, is starting to go through a number of fundamental shifts. These changes are far more dramatic than the initial “cloud transformation” that began when Ariba and Coupa began to migrate standard deployment models away from the CD world. (It should be noted both of these providers, especially Coupa, have evolved dramatically since this initial shift as well.) We recently started to cover some of these new shifts in the first installment of a Spend Matters PRO research series: E-Procurement Market Outlook 2016-2018: 10 Technology and ‘Mega’ Trends.

Sourcing, Bid Portal and RFI/RFX Tools — Is it Time to Look at New Vendors in 2016?

sourcing technology

Core e-sourcing has taken a bit of a hiatus as a standalone technology buying priority for many procurement organizations of late. If anything, basic solutions have been bundled in with broader spend analytics, supplier management or even full-suite deals, and solutions designed to tackle specialized categories or advanced sourcing have created a market niche unto themselves. Granted, a handful of lower-cost solution providers have continued to plod the market with their wares. And some have enjoyed solid growth, albeit from a tiny base.

Is Amazon Business the Future of Procurement?

Amazon business

In two months, Amazon’s Prentis Wilson, vice president of Amazon Business, will give a keynote address at ISM and Spend Matters' first annual Global Procurement Technology Summit. We challenged Prentis to be as disruptive as possible with his thesis, and we think the topic of his chat will certainly raise some eyebrows — Amazon Business: This is the Future of Procurement.

ISM Economic Report Points to Growth in Services Sector During 2016

services sector

Purchasing and supply management executives overall expect economic growth to continue in 2016, according the the Institute for Supply Management Semiannual Economic Forecast released Tuesday. A total of 87% supply management leaders in the non-manufacturing sector are optimistic for the year ahead, predicting 2016 will be better or the same as 2015. Specifically, 47% expect 2016 to fare better for them than 2015 and 40% predict 2016 will be about the same as this year.

Underrepresentation and Future Advancements: ISM Women & Leadership Conference Coverage (Part 2)

Spend Matters welcomes this guest event coverage from Barbara Ardell, vice president at Paladin Associates.

Women make up just 5% of CEOs at large corporations in America. This is something Elba Pareja-Gallagher, founder of the nonprofit ShowMe50, is trying to change. Elba was one of the speakers at the ISM New Jersey Women & Leadership Conference. Her presentation, Understanding the underrepresentation of women in Senior Leadership, hit on the following stats.

Becoming a Leader and Addressing Barriers: ISM Women & Leadership Conference Coverage Part 1

Spend Matters welcomes this guest event coverage from Barbara Ardell, vice president at Paladin Associates.

ISM’s New Jersey Affiliate hit a home run last week with its seventh annual Women & Leadership Conference. The conference drew 100 women (and a handful of men) representing a range of industries, ages and experience. Although primarily a regional conference, it was a top-notch, national-quality conference with attendees from as far away as Calgary, Canada. Overall, it was an upbeat event with a wealth of thought-provoking content

Services Sector Growth Slows Amid Global Economic Contraction


Growth in the U.S. services sector slowed in September, driven largely by a softening retail market and weakening of the global economy, the Institute for Supply Management reported this week. ISM’s latest Report on Business showed the non-manufacturing index (NMI) registered 56.9% last month, down 2.1% from August. In a conference call with reporters on Monday, an ISM official pointed to contractions in the mining and retail industries, as well as economic activity both domestically and globally for the slowdown in the services sector.

ISM-NJ Holds Annual Women in Leadership Conference Next Week


On Oct. 15 and 16, the New Jersey affiliate of the Institute of Supply Management will hold its seventh annual Women & Leadership Conference, a unique event focusing on women in the supply chain and procurement industry and featuring presentations by female corporate and procurement leaders. The conference will discuss the underrepresentation of women in senior leadership positions as well as feature presentations on topics such as salary negotiation and a panel discussion on professional and personal advancement.