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Why collaboration will be key to a successful IT procurement strategy in 2021


The relationship between IT buyers and procurement teams can often be a strained one. When IT buyers simply want to get the right technology deployed as quickly as possible, procurement protocols are often viewed as frustrating barriers — despite being absolutely necessary for any organization that wants to protect budgets and achieve value. During 2020, when the global pandemic caused havoc across supply chains, we saw these stresses heightened to new levels. If organizations are going to both roll out innovative solutions and achieve value during these challenging times, procurement teams and IT buyers will need to work together and adopt a collaborative approach.

IT supply chain: Backlog of demand for PCs highest ever; higher IT prices impacted by logistics and transportation


The prospect of a no-deal Brexit loomed large over the UK economy in November as the EU and UK struggled to finalise terms. One of the biggest hurdles looks likely to be delays at ports, which will impact product delivery and higher prices due to weaker exchange rates. Adding to this volatility was a strain on logistics and transportation, largely driven by consumer spending in the run-up to Christmas.

This pressure means we may see further delays and price hiking as demand for key lines remains high, reports Ian Nethercot, MCIPS, Supply Chain Director at Probrand.