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Demystifying the role of technology: Automation

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Many companies are tapping into the opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies, which have the potential to enhance productivity even further. Automation is one such concept that has plenty to offer, both now and in the future. Whether it’s improving your cash forecasting process or streamlining invoice processing, we explore some of the use cases and benefits for automation.

Coronavirus impacts the world of work (Part 3): Acting in an uncertain economic recovery [PRO]

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While COVID-19 has disrupted the U.S. economy in ways which were practically inconceivable a year ago, it has also overturned long-standing, fundamental assumptions of how businesses must operate. Organizations, for example, are finding that they can operate with a larger remote workforce, they can flex their now-significant contingent workforces, and they have access to technology that can make business transformation possible. This should also be a time for procurers of contingent workforce and services (CW/S) to re-evaluate and reset their assumptions. Right?

This is the third part of the “Coronavirus impacts the world of work” series focusing on contingent workforce/services management in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each part of the series aligns to one of the four stages of the crisis that we mapped out in the spring:

Part 3 of this series now addresses what we called the recovery/upswing stage, looking at what it means, assessing the current environment and trends, and presenting considerations for organizations and CW/S practitioners.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement