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LockPath – Taking a Hybrid GRC and SPM Approach to Conflict Minerals (Part 2) [PRO]

In the first installment of this series looking at the LockPath approach to Conflict Minerals compliance, we considered the context of the intersection of GRC and supplier management efforts, as well as some of the approaches LockPath takes with their toolset. Continuing, we now move to an overview and analysis of LockPath’s capabilities, exploring how the solution lets companies address high-risk suppliers separately from others.

LockPath – A Hybrid GRC and SPM Approach to Conflict Minerals (Part 1) [PRO]

Spend Matters recently spoke with LockPath co-founder and CEO Chris Caldwell about his perspective on GRC in general, and in particular LockPath’s recent foray into Conflict Minerals. LockPath, a technology solutions provider, presents a slightly different approach to dealing with the Conflict Minerals (CM) disclosure requirements, which are rapidly breathing down the necks of publicly traded (on US exchanges) companies as well as their suppliers, given the cascading requirements of the legislation.