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Looking for Innovation Opportunities? Consider Supplier Experience Management.

It’s interesting how many companies have run out of ideas for innovation, especially when it comes to the “back end” of the business. Yet when you observe what is going on at the “front end” of the very same business, there’s a seemingly ceaseless drive for experimentation for the sake of innovation. And what discipline are business leaders increasingly focused on? Customer Experience. For the last decade, the discipline of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been slowly maturing as an increasing number of companies strive to make their customers’ experience of the brand, products, and services consistently excellent across channels.

Handing Off Non-Core Competencies to… Whom?

Back in 1990, Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad introduced the concept of core competencies into the thinking and nomenclature of business. Launched initially in the Harvard Business Review and iterated on endlessly since then, the doctrine was an anti-diversification screed (the 80’s having been the decade of diversified enterprises), which directed corporations to only do the things that they did best to generate revenue and profit.

How Might We Drive Innovation from Others’ Assets?

Last month, Shweta Shanker of GEP wrote a dead-on post on Procurement and Marketing Collaboration. One of the many important points she made is the need for procurement to provide visibility into any individual supplier’s spend relationship, which then ensures that all possible leverage is maintained. Conversely, one might argue that marketing needs to provide upstream visibility into their activities so that procurement has adequate time to source and procure. All too frequently, marketing’s creative process eats the time theoretically allotted to sourcing and procurement. As a result, procurement is forced to provide expedient support (using the same suppliers every time) as opposed to optimal support, delivering the best possible pricing and quality for the marketing piece or program.

The Challenges of Moving Upstream

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Tony Fross, of LogicSource. We see several industries where clients are migrating up the value chain to focus […]