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Video! Peter Smith on Marketing Services Procurement [Plus+]

Whether you're buying direct mail or social media services, knowing how to behave when it comes to marketing services can be extremely difficult. A few weeks ago, Peter Smith presented an Ask the Expert webinar called The Latest Thinking in Marketing Services Procurement. Today we present a video follow-up - click through to watch!

Top 10 Lessons from the Publicis Omnicom Merger (Part 2) [PRO]

In a follow-up to our first part of this Top 10 Lessons series on the Publicis Omnicom merger, we want to shift the discussion away from strategy towards implementation strategy and how procurement can work with marketing and with the agencies to both size and seize the prize. A few hints: use external events to create meaningful platforms...and also, supplier relationship management can work wonders here.

How Might We Drive Innovation from Others’ Assets?

Last month, Shweta Shanker of GEP wrote a dead-on post on Procurement and Marketing Collaboration. One of the many important points she made is the need for procurement to provide visibility into any individual supplier’s spend relationship, which then ensures that all possible leverage is maintained. Conversely, one might argue that marketing needs to provide upstream visibility into their activities so that procurement has adequate time to source and procure. All too frequently, marketing’s creative process eats the time theoretically allotted to sourcing and procurement. As a result, procurement is forced to provide expedient support (using the same suppliers every time) as opposed to optimal support, delivering the best possible pricing and quality for the marketing piece or program.

Retail CPO Overcomes Print, Marketing, and Organizational Challenges [PRO]

Today we bring you a category case study. The CPO at a large Massachusetts-based discount merchandising retailer (that we will refer to as “J-Mart” in this article) joined the new firm with a mandate to modernize its procurement function in print and marketing amongst other areas.

Digital Advertising Demands Savvy Buyers

Tyler Adams, GEP Digital advertising exceeded $35 billion in the USA and $90 billion globally in 2012. With expected growth of over 15% in 2013, […]

What Marketing Analytics Can Teach Us

Part 1 I recently had the chance to catch up with Ryder Daniels, founder and CEO of Capsaicin, a specialized analytics provider that develops targeted solutions […]

What Marketing Analytics Can Teach Us (Part 2) [Plus+]

Spend Matters PRO will soon publish our technology coverage taxonomy for the procurement landscape, something we’ve been hard at work creating (and debating) internally the past few weeks. In the broader area of analytics and spend/supplier information management, on a generalized basis (obviously layered with category specific nuances for marketing and other categories), we see combined capabilities coming together to help companies solve big data challenges.

What Marketing Analytics Can Teach Us (Part 1) [Plus+]

I recently had the chance to catch up with Ryder Daniels, founder and CEO of Capsaicin, a specialized analytics provider that develops targeted solutions for specific categories (and delivers them in a private label manner for clients who then resell them to some of the largest Global 2000 companies in the world). In insider circles (i.e., the agency world), Capsaicin is best known for its solutions to tackle complex marketing spend by creating new levels of awareness and performance management for CMOs, marketing teams, procurement and agencies of record (we’ll explore these capabilities later in our series).