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Key skill sets for the negotiators of the future


In this practitioner advisory post, Jonathan O’Brien, CEO of Positive Purchasing Ltd, internationally recognised expert on negotiation and published author, explains what we need to […]

Ask the Expert: Brush Up On BATNA and Hone Negotiation Skills [Plus+]

Our next Ask the Expert webinar for Plus and PRO members is this Thursday, 8/8, from 10-10:30am Central. This week we feature Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe fame speaking on Negotiation Skills: Brushing Up On Your BATNA. He'll tackle questions such as: What's the difference between bargaining and principled negotiation? What are they key ways to "get to yes"? Wherein lies the real strength of BATNA (best alternative to your negotiated agreement)? What do you do if you're not a "natural" negotiator? ...and then he'll tackle your stickiest negotiation situations. Spend Matters PRO/Plus members, click on through to register.

How to Prepare for an IBM Software Negotiation

Mark Bartrick is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, serving Sourcing & Vendor Management professionals. As any sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professional will tell […]

10 Negotiating Tactics To Reduce Supplier Network Fees (Part 2) [Plus+]

Spend Matters predicts that networks such as Ariba and OB10 will make a substantial portion of their overall revenue by 2015 from supply chain finance programs. Given this opportunity and prediction, procurement and AP organizations may wish to consider negotiating basic connectivity for network fees with a sliding scale based on supply chain finance adoption within a supply base. This aligns incentives all around, as suppliers are likely to react with the opposite approach when paying fees to get payment early as paying fees for basic document interchange.

10 Negotiating Tactics To Reduce Supplier Network Fees (Part 1) [Plus+]

With apologies to former Presidential candidate Ross Perot, supplier network fees (and broader supplier enablement and management costs) can often become the giant sucking sound that not only restricts the potential ROI of purchase-to-pay projects in the first place but also causes unbudgeted supplier headaches and heartburn along the way. But supplier network fees don’t have to get the better of procurement organizations. In fact, there are a number of negotiating tactics and approaches that one can leverage when confronting vendors such as Ariba/SAP, Basware, OB10, Hubwoo, IBX, TradeShift and numerous others that are building material books of business off the backs of transaction-based revenue.

Legal and Procurement Intersections: An Initial Look at the Continuum of Supplier Negotiation Types, Methods and Tools [Plus+]

Today’s post is our first piece of “social content” and a true example of how this audience can inspire us to explore topics we previously may have never covered. Last week, we got an email from a Spend Matters and Spend Matters PRO practitioner reader and subscriber, which we’ll reprint below. This area we speak of is a true continuum of supplier negotiation types, starting with what we might term traditional strategic sourcing tools used in e-sourcing (reverse auctions, RFX, RFI, optimization, etc.) and progressing through to re-negotiation, dispute resolution and beyond.