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“Oracle Open World” [PRO]

e-Three is actually the only provider of this type of Oracle EBS access with the level of depth they bring in enabling services (on a category basis), and they work intimately with the Oracle sales team to exploit their advantage. Other Oracle partners may excel in transactional and P2P capabilities, but e-Three puts the classic strategic sourcing areas first. Oracle recognizes this and in fact, a full 95% of e-Three’s deals now come from one of Oracle’s 7,000-strong sales team (despite the fact they’re often brought in too late to close a deal). Around two- thirds of their clients have some Oracle solutions already, around 10% have no previous Oracle solutions, and the remaining 20% are pure Oracle shops.

Oracle OpenWorld – Exploring Oracle Partners in the Procurement Ecosystem [Plus+]

Oracle’s platform is as multi-faceted as SAP’s – you can get their Oracle E-Business Suite Advanced Procurement Solutions (EBS) of procurement solutions via traditional delivery (onpremise on R12.1) or the exact same procurement experience in an Oracle On Demand version (delivered virtually by e-three), or you can choose the Oracle Fusion Applications (Oracle’s purpose-built next-gen On Demand procurement version) suite or even (nominally) step away from the Oracle label and go over to Oracle PeopleSoft and get your procurement solution fix there.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Building Out From a New Nucleus (Part 4)

In summary, Oracle Fusion Procurement attempts to differentiate itself in the source-to-pay market not by coming out on top in every checklist comparison with competitors, but by introducing a different design and communications philosophy focusing on how users – both within procurement and more broadly in the business – should interact with an application. From tying in communications like instant messaging and telephony for internal collaborators and suppliers to rebuilding a pretty decent version of Excel-like capability, Oracle Fusion Procurement aims to become more than just a buying tool. Rather, it really begs itself to be used as a true workspace for everything buying and supplier related.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Building Out From a New Nucleus (Part 3) [Plus+]

The diversity of Oracle Fusion Procurement customers to date is representative of the different priorities of organizations selecting the toolset. In speaking with and hearing the case of one Oracle Fusion Procurement reference user, we learned that some users are prioritizing the integration of different types of supplier management data in tandem with sourcing to provide a single source of truth for supplier information along with a cockpit for sourcing event executives. The priority, in this case, was to drive data consolidation to improve reporting as well as to streamline information gathering from suppliers.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Building Out From a New Nucleus (Part 2) [Plus+]

Oracle Fusion Sourcing is a module that would never win in a head-to-head feature/function bake-off in today’s market. Yet the way it shows in practice and some of the broader Fusion suite capabilities built into it (e.g., broader analytics) are likely to make it potentially appealing to companies that previously did not consider Oracle as a serious sourcing option. Oracle Fusion Sourcing, especially when combined with Oracle Fusion Procurement Contracts and the basic supplier management capability that’s included will be particularly appealing for control-freak CPOs that have adopted a center-led approach to broader supplier engagement, negotiation and management but where decentralized execution remains rampant.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Building Out From a New Nucleus (Part 1) [Plus+]

Over the past eighteen months, we’ve had the chance to look at Oracle Fusion Procurement on multiple occasions, including briefings and demonstrations at Open World in 2010 and 2011. Since launching Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle has been relatively quiet as it focuses on delivering and implementing Oracle Fusion Applications successfully with select customers, rather than emphasizing a large-scale marketing push. Oracle Fusion Procurement represents a big leap forward for Oracle not so much in functional capability (at least not yet) relative to Oracle E-Business Suite, but rather in integrated capabilities and design philosophy. In its current GA release, Oracle Fusion Procurement includes the following modules: Oracle Fusion Purchasing, Oracle Fusion Self-Service Procurement, Oracle Fusion Sourcing, Oracle Fusion Procurement Contracts, Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal and Oracle Fusion Procurement and Spend Analytics.