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Global trade trends and their impact on procurement

As businesses settle into their “new normal,” we at Basware commissioned a report with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to dive into the latest global trade trends and topics that executives are most concerned about. Together with Pete Swabey, Editorial Director of EMEA Thought Leadership, we looked at what these trends mean for procurement and finance professionals and identified three themes procurement should prioritize to minimize disruptions to their supply chain and day-to-day business.

Analytics at the Core of P2P and E-Invoicing: Bridging the A/P, Finance and Procurement Gap [PRO]

One of the key elements of advanced analytics is not just increasing dataset complexity (e.g., adding more and more source data, like back-end financial systems and card-payment data) but rather exploring the key intersections and trending of the combinations of assets. “Big data” is almost a misnomer in this context. The queries and visualizations that sit on top of slices of the underlying dataset combinations are even more valuable.

Exploring A/P and Procurement Best Practices at P&G: Lesson 3

The third lesson to remember is that the invisible hand needs to make invisible opportunity visible. Even when companies strive to simplify the value chain, there are still opportunities, albeit they tend to be hidden and difficult to find. P&G has employed many typical strategies for creating value in the P2P process, including an ERP backbone "wrapped" with appropriate best of breed solutions, a supplier portal strategy and others.

P2P and Network Buying Tips

I’ve purchased a few cars in my life from dealers (mostly used, mind you). I’ve also bought software – for my organization and many others. […]