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SKU/Supplier Standardization in Procurement: Simple Best Practices

The more complex a category (e.g., specialized services such as legal or marketing spend), the more likely an inexperienced procurement organization is to specify a supplier, SKU, or particular service that is likely to prove unpopular with stakeholders. But what best practices can centralized procurement and category management teams deploy for both basic and complex spend areas to avoid the “failure to implement savings” trap. My colleague Peter Smith has some ideas. Read on!

Looking for Innovation Opportunities? Consider Supplier Experience Management.

It’s interesting how many companies have run out of ideas for innovation, especially when it comes to the “back end” of the business. Yet when you observe what is going on at the “front end” of the very same business, there’s a seemingly ceaseless drive for experimentation for the sake of innovation. And what discipline are business leaders increasingly focused on? Customer Experience. For the last decade, the discipline of Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been slowly maturing as an increasing number of companies strive to make their customers’ experience of the brand, products, and services consistently excellent across channels.

Considering the Broader Intersections of Services Procurement with Purchasing and Risk Management

Having been in recent discussions with a number of practitioners and consultants engaged in procurement compliance and risk management areas, it would seem to me that services procurement intersections with broader purchasing and supply chain activities are becoming better known. Indeed, services procurement (including but not limited to contingent labor) has many touch-points with existing procurement and supplier management processes. But only recently, it seems, have organizations been prioritizing and recognizing the importance of linking these areas together, including the following.

Dress for Mexico Sourcing Success: German Dominguez Offers Tips for Reshoring South of the Border

After 17 years of working with automotive, electronics, and numerous other industries, German has accumulated his own arsenal of best practices as pertaining to Mexico, and expounded on a few things that US buyers tend to do wrong. German introduced the concept of reverse marketing, in which buyers approach and woe suppliers and persuade the latter to do business with them. It sounds counterintuitive, and German does note that reverse marketing is something you will only see buyers do in Mexico, but this best practice is an important one.