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Doing good is tough — As ‘The Good Place’ shows us


Peter Smith writes about the challenges of good buying in a complex and inter-connected world, using a TV show analogy. These challenges relate not just to how consumers understand the effect of what they buy, and take into account their preferences when they assess options in terms of choosing products, services and suppliers, they are also relevant when we choose the organizations we want to work for. But as we see more competition for the brightest and best staff, the temptation will be for organizations to present themselves potentially in an unrealistically positive light.

That is why information and data are key in the world of corporate sustainability and purpose. We need to know as far as we can whether we are doing good or harm. We will always have to rely on the honesty of organizations to some extent, but there also must be checks and balances, independent validation, investor and government oversight and so on. Read his analogy here.