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Logistics Sourcing: Exploring Fuel Strategies and Natural Gas

Alternative options exist for sourcing professionals, but they can be expensive. Natural gas is one option to consider. A natural gas vehicle today costs $35,000 to $45,000 more than the equivalent diesel truck, which can bring the total price tag close to $200,000. Our estimates show that break-even is not necessarily a certainty and that some organizations will be in a cost deficit situation if they make the conversion to natural gas vehicles in their private or dedicated fleets.

Logistics Pricing Analysis: 2013 Sourcing Strategies & Changing Transportation Market Economics

The evolution of market economics can create options and opportunity for shippers. For example, if delivery windows do not need to be as narrow, there can be savings from changing modes. Much of this comes down to truly understanding end customer requirements, such as what date a customer needs a given delivery. If organizations can manage order patterns and where freight comes from, there are many levers to pull to drive savings beyond just rates.

Logistics Pricing Analysis: Regional City Pair Trending

Exploring regional city price trending for logistics is helpful in understanding overall market dynamics – and in developing overall integrated, transportation sourcing, network, and supply chain strategies. In the above linked analysis, we explore a number of regional price trending city pairs (e.g., Northeast-Northeast, South-South, Midwest-Northeast, South-Midwest, South-Northwest, etc.) on a quarterly basis going back to Q4 2012.

New Joint Research with Procurian: Logistics Summer 2013 Market Analysis and Perspective

Our second brief brings the conversation and recommendations up a level to educate senior procurement and finance leaders on the logistics category, as well as provide category managers and directors with recommendations and perspectives on sourcing and broader industry trends. We have divided this brief into five specific sections: sourcing strategies; big data & analytics; energy, fuel, and CAPEX; supplier development/performance management; and CPO talking points.