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References and Selecting a Provider: Wallmedien, Ariba, and More [Plus+]

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a practitioner about his use case and experience in rolling out a procurement and vendor management solution from Wallmedien. This provider is not as well known in the US as it is in Europe, but has significant experience enabling complex procurement environments, especially with SAP back-ends and existing SRM investments.

Oracle OpenWorld – Exploring Oracle Partners in the Procurement Ecosystem [Plus+]

Oracle’s platform is as multi-faceted as SAP’s – you can get their Oracle E-Business Suite Advanced Procurement Solutions (EBS) of procurement solutions via traditional delivery (onpremise on R12.1) or the exact same procurement experience in an Oracle On Demand version (delivered virtually by e-three), or you can choose the Oracle Fusion Applications (Oracle’s purpose-built next-gen On Demand procurement version) suite or even (nominally) step away from the Oracle label and go over to Oracle PeopleSoft and get your procurement solution fix there.

Anti-Network Trust or Anti-Network Bust? The DOJ Review of SAP’s Proposed Acquisition of Ariba (Part 1) [Plus+]

Our findings might surprise you. The DOJ could look at the data in several ways, and even if we were in their shoes, based on our knowledge of the market, we would likely let the acquisition pass. But they might opt to challenge it based on how they unwrap the reams of virtual (and actual) paper and data that Ariba and SAP are in the process of submitting as we go to press. But before seeing how we arrived at this conclusion, let’s take a look at some background information on the antitrust evaluation process and this request/case in particular.

How Has the SAP/Ariba Deal Affected Other Firms’ Stock Prices? [Plus+]

It’s been almost two months since the seismic event of the procurement year so far: SAP’s acquisition of Ariba. Whilst many of the questions we raised at the time have yet to be answered, such as the way any product integration might develop or how the two firms’ sales efforts may or may not mesh, we thought it might be an appropriate time to look at the effect on a number of SAP and Ariba’s key competitors.