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Losing The Procurement Pub Debate Battle, Winning the War and Taking the Piss Out of Peter Smith

It’s not easy losing a debate in London. But when you’re tasked with arguing for a motion that would essentially put everyone in a room out of a job, it’s quite difficult to win over the crowd. Having said that, Stephen Allot, Crown Representative for SMEs at the Cabinet Office, and I nearly won the vote, in arguing for the motion that procurement is doomed. We lost by a single vote in the room when the dust was clear. Not bad, I must say, given the controversy of the topic. But it’s hard to disagree with lines like, “Come on, most procurement and finance organizations can’t even agree on a baseline definition of savings!” in examining the logic behind why procurement is not currently in a good place.

The Talent Gap is Dooming Procurement – Notes From a Pub Debate

As I conclude my 3 core themes highlighting why procurement is doomed, I come to the final major challenge bucket, as I see it: that procurement skill sets are not changing quickly with the times. Unlike other areas of the business such as marketing, where executives went from being visually oriented poets only a decade ago to some of the smartest quant jocks and analytical leaders in the business, the skill set at the top driving procurement teams has not changed significantly in the same time frame. CMOs have evolved. CPOs have not – at least not at that pace, and the same can be said for their teams as well.

Procurement + Digital World = Fail: Making the Pub Debate Argument

Continuing on with my argument that procurement is doomed by 2025 from a pub debate in London earlier this month, my second argument centers on the notion that the cat is out of the bag in terms of the digital world. And procurement is not keeping up. I consider 4 areas where procurement is falling off the back of the peloton, despite the use of a number of performance enhancing substances such as purchase-to-pay solutions and advanced sourcing tools.