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Public Spend Forum Launches New Podcast – Subscribe Today!

Spend Matters' sister site Public Spend Forum has plenty of untold stories to tell on the government providing new and innovative ways to deliver goods and services to its citizens – and is now launching a podcast to tell them. The Public Impact Podcast is live with its first episode featuring Dave Zvenyach, acquisition management director at the Genera Services Administration's digital services division, 18F. We encourage you to subscribe and rate via iTunes, Android or email.

Exploring the Billentis 2015 E-Invoicing Report: Top Level Findings in Public Sector Trending and Adoption


Earlier this summer, Bruno Koch, founder of Billentis, released his company’s annual e-invoicing market study. The report is currently the best piece of research available on e-invoicing adoption trends. (Though, because the quantitative components are based at least in part on vendor-reported information, we should take the numbers as directional rather than definitive.) Regardless, Koch also features a number of qualitative observations as well – which are arguably just as insightful. In the coming week on Spend Matters, I’ll highlight some of the findings of the report along with our own market commentary and analysis, starting today with the increasing interest in the public sector in e-invoicing adoption.

People, Processes & Technology: The Cure for What Ails Public Sector Procurement

In my first post, I talked about the prohibitive cost of resisting change for public sector procurement departments. Since then, I’ve read a very interesting article that provides the hard numbers to fortify my comments. According to a report by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), the federal government could save upwards of $12 billion annually by adopting procurement practices that are commonplace in the private sector. And that’s only the federal government – no mention of dollars being lost by hundreds upon hundreds of local government procurement offices.

Internet Sales Tax? Get Real, Public Sector

At the core of sound strategic sourcing lies spend analytics. Inevitably, you need to analyze the potential contribution impact among the many activities you could […]