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Using bridge solutions to speed up the consumerization of procurement 


What is a bridge solution and how can it help speed up the consumerization of services procurement — and why is that important?

Bridge solutions (or stop-gap solutions) are simply solutions that solve specific problems. These are typically problems that have not yet been addressed by P2P solutions because they are too niche or specific. Bridge solutions can tackle the problem differently and often come alongside laser-focused expertise and knowledge from the providers of these solutions.

Although the issue of consumerization certainly isn’t a niche one, there are many individual aspects that need to be addressed and automated to make true consumerization a possibility. For example, the larger more end-to-end P2P solutions (such as Coupa) do a fantastic job at automating the requisition-to-approval process and invoicing, but what they are not doing is providing the tools to automate the piece before the requisition gets raised. Bridge solutions can essentially act as a plug-in to cover any areas that are still being handled offline or by heavy manual data entry.