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Supply Chains in the Cloud: Procurement Benefits, Motivations, Reluctance, and Security [PRO]

Today we continue our series covering supply chains in the cloud (see Part 1 here). Pierre Mitchell and Jason Busch answer these four questions:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud offering brings the operational IT benefits of lower cost, greater reliability, improved accessibility, better scalability and agility. What benefits to the procurement process are typically associated with cloud applications?
  • What drives companies to move mission-critical supply chain-related applications to the cloud?
  • What does Spend Matters see that’s creating the most reluctance in companies or individuals in migrating to
cloud applications?
  • As individuals, we do banking and investments and enter our credit card numbers to make purchases online. Some even freely share personal information with social media tools. Is there any procurement information 
that you believe is not appropriate for being stored in a cloud application? If so, can you characterize that information?

FusionOps – Business Intelligence for SAP in a Clever Package [Plus+]

FusionOps has cleverly worked its way around the traditional approach by setting their connector up on a workstation as an approved ERP user. They then tunnel the data back to their secure datacenter (SAS 70 Type 2 audited) where it is refreshed per contracted rate (e.g. every 5 minutes or so, many times per day) and made available over the FusionOps cloud solution. FusionOps then takes the client data and creates a plethora of best practice (per FusionOps’ ongoing market feedback) supply chain dashboards and reports based on the data set – hundreds of them – allowing clients to manipulate the data to their heart’s content. Ad hoc report building is also available in the solution. Self-service is at the heart of the solution.