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Future Sourcing: Never Mind the Savings, Feel the Bids

What does saving a million dollars through a sourcing event really mean? Does it mean that you had a terrible contract last year? What about your supplier’s margins? Have you squeezed so much that your supplier will be coming back to re-negotiate in 3 months? Or worse, did they quote something different than what you expected? Or have underlying commodity prices moved so much that actually you’ve still left money on the table? And how implementable are these savings going to really be?

Advanced Sourcing: The Basics – Who, What, Where and How

We're big fans of advanced sourcing models that enable organizations to go beyond basic bidding strategies, but there seems to be a general lack of awareness in the market about how these sourcing models work.

Tackling Tail Spend and Spot Buys (Part 1)

Spot buys and tail spend represent a large and potentially untapped opportunity for savings for moderately mature procurement organizations that have already invested in other […]