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Procurement Business Services: Part 2 – Defining, Building, and Delivering [Plus+]

In the first installment in this series on Procurement Business Services, we discussed how procurement must have a strong competency in managing itself as a services business, being an integrator and "assembler" of external procurement services (including professional, content/information, and application services).

But before we explore how firms manage to do this, we should first discuss the “what” and “why” of Procurement Business Services (PBS).

In this second installment of this series, we define the following terms: Business Service; Shared Services and “Global Business Services” (model versus organization); Center of Excellence (CoE); Shared Service Centers (or “Service Centers” for short); and more. We also provide insights to the following questions:

  • Should procurement really be a business services group?
  • Should procurement report into a shared services/GBS organization?
  • Where are Procurement Business Services going?

In future installments of this research series, we will outline where specifically procurement organizations are using CoEs and the organizational models they are using to deliver those services. We'll also discuss practices from other services industries and process domains (e.g., CRM, Lean/Six Sigma in manufacturing) to show how the "procurement services business" can truly be managed like any other world class group.

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Procurement – Curious Intersections or Tomorrow’s Three-Way Marriage (Part 2) [PRO]

Overall, I considered the event to be an accelerated period of learning, despite our procurement and BPO in-house expertise at Spend Matters. The case examples shed material light on the challenges around shared services and outsourcing both from a conceptual and analytical perspective as well as with loads of practical advice on what specifically to do, what to avoid, and what to expect.

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Procurement – Curious Intersections or Tomorrow’s Three-Way Marriage (Part 1) [PRO]

A new conference has crossed the Atlantic. And you might not have heard of (not yet anyway) but if they keep putting on events as good as the one I attended in Atlanta a few weeks ago, you will. is headquartered in London, founded and led by Susie West, who spent a good number of years in sales with OB10 prior to starting her own firm toward the end of 2007.