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Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 4) [Plus+]

In driving adoption of social capabilities within procurement organizations and for vendors developing and incorporating products into social tools, Spend Matters analysis suggests ten key takeaways. We have gleaned many of these not only from talking to procurement practitioners and consultants, but from those who have been more frequently involved in enterprise social collaboration and information sharing programs in the past (sales, marketing, HR, IT, etc.).

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 3) [Plus+]

Some of the more advanced use cases for social collaboration and procurement are likely cross not only a single group of internal users or supplier tier, but cascade further down into the supply chain with multiple parties, counterparties and general participants. Fortunately, some providers are beginning to think about these use cases already, but aside from SAP Supplier InfoNet, few have created a working or production product.

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 2) [Plus+]

Continuing on with our analysis of the impact of social collaboration and information tools on procurement applications, we come to the impact of individuals and profiles in the application community itself. The idea of extending the master data we keep within procurement beyond what we’ve historically thought of is probably the most important step toward fully taking advantage of social collaboration.

Social Collaboration and Information in Procurement Applications (Part 1) [Plus+]

Social news, media and collaboration are all around us within the procurement, finance and operations worlds. On LinkedIn, popular procurement related groups have thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, members. While size is not necessarily a gauge of value – just as savings or PPV is not necessarily the most important KPI in measuring procurement performance – it amazes us that the group Ariba started on LinkedIn, Sourcing and Procurement has 58,523 members. Niche social networks aimed at procurement, such as, a beta site originally created to encourage ways of fostering category-level collaboration between organizations, have also emerged.

Fieldglass: Procurement Collaboration Dabbles in Social Capabilities [PRO]

A few months ago, Fieldglass gave us a quick introduction on how they’ve embedded “social” capabilities at the core of their VMS application. While we think social can (and should) mean more in the context of a variety of requisition tools (from services procurement to P2P to direct procurement) – than what early examples are proving today, Fieldglass is no doubt taking the right step in social collaboration direction. But their early efforts leave us thinking: what will be next and will be see entire VMS and P2P toolsets built to support the social enterprise at the core?