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Spend Matters 50/50: State of Flux – A Provider to Watch

As our Spend Matters 50/50 coverage continues, we’re excited to introduce our readers to State of Flux and also State of Flux Technologies. State of Flux is a consultancy and executive staffing/managed services firm that specializes in supplier management. Perhaps best known to non-clients for their annual SRM Survey, State of Flux’s footprint and reach is global (although they’re based in the UK).

Does the Innovation You Receive From Suppliers Demonstrate That You’re a Customer of Choice?

From our research, we have seen that harnessing supplier innovation is often one of the key drivers for starting a supplier relationship management (SRM) program and also one of the reasons organizations actively seek to become a customer of choice. At State of Flux, we define a customer of choice as an organization that, through its practices and behaviours, consistently positions itself to receive preferential access to resources, ideas, and innovations from key suppliers, giving it a competitive advantage.