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Ten Vexing Issues Regarding Supplier Networks and Platforms

I recently had to give a presentation to a client on the future of supplier networks and platforms. They were keen to understand where these things were going. Part of the discussion centered on clearing through all the SAP/Ariba uncertainty around fee structures and incremental capabilities. Other topical diversions took us down how to incorporate a network and platform strategy in their broader indirect (and potential direct and services) procurement capabilities – especially as it pertains to “surrounding” and getting more from current eProcurement investments. So we present today a list of ten questions that continue to challenge us as we explore the topics of networks and platforms. If currently using supplier connectivity tools, networks and platforms to enable information exchange and e-invoicing from providers (Ariba, Hubwoo, IBX, Perfect, Basware, Tradeshift, OB10, GXS, IBM/Sterling, etc.), all educated buyers in the market owe it to themselves to jot down honest answers to these questions.

What Would Dr. Johnson Say? EDI, Supplier Networks, Business Networks, Oh My!

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is exactly what it is: the acronym speaks for itself. Pundits like us and solution providers use the phrase supplier network (or business network, if you must). But procurement, A/P and manufacturing organizations do not, unless they’ve been brainwashed by vendors, consultants, or analysts – at least generally speaking. Many haven’t a clue what a supplier network is, nor do they care. Why bother with the disconnect?

6 Ways Supplier Networks Simplify Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier networks can be a very effective solution for companies looking to ease the burden of SRM and make relationships with their suppliers more successful. Verian presents six ways that supplier networks can be used in order to streamline supplier management.

EDI and Supplier Network Predictions (Part 1)

Earlier this week, I gave a talk focused on the history and future of supplier networks and EDI, a topic that more and more companies are trying to get their arms around. Here are some network predictions that I shared.