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Supplier barriers to entry in public sector markets

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Public Spend Forum, the market intelligence platform and community for public sector buyers and suppliers, and Govshop, its free-to-use database that houses supplier data from various markets, have been conducting a survey to explore the barriers to entry that suppliers are facing when trying to get into public sector markets. They have looked at all levels of the public sector, including central/federal, local and at state level, and gathered feedback from suppliers about their experiences and challenges of working with, or trying to work with, the public sector. The report targets why this $10 trillion global market is so difficult to navigate, and why there are still so many barriers challenging companies, small and large, that wish to do business with it.

Public Spend Forum: Market intelligence superheroes, barriers to entry and finding PPE suppliers

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Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public buying everywhere. GovShop is its free-to-use global government market research tool for finding and connecting with suppliers. Here's the latest from PSF ...

‘Bad Buying’ hits the bookshelves for procurement leaders looking to avoid deals deemed failures, frauds — and worse

We are delighted to welcome this post from our friend and former colleague Peter Smith on the launch day of his new book. When I […]

Bad Buying, Believing the Supplier — and the Beauty of SolutionMap

bad buying

In this guest post, our former colleague Peter Smith gives us a sneak peak into his new book of insightful and funny tales of procurement blunders and failures, all from an industry insider point of view. He explains that his movtivation behind the book was a desire to communicate the importance of procurement to a wider business audience, and decided the best way to do that was to highlight fascinating stories about things going wrong, and what we can learn from them.

Friday Rant: Honda of Downtown Chicago and the Great Urban Dealer Maintenance / Service Ripoff

This week, we couldn't resist bringing back a classic, pseudo-retired Spend Matters column — the Friday Rant — to proffer some crucial personal spend management lessons learned recently in the dark world of urban Honda vehicle maintenance and service.

FMC Technologies: Closing the SPM and Spend Analysis Books Fast!

FMC Technologies’ spend analysis and SPM process is mature and fast enough that procurement leadership has promised business users that they will have access to updated reports within five days of their monthly closes (the frequency of refreshes is monthly). Yet FMC Technologies is exceeding its internal service level agreements in this area. At the moment, the process has become so streamlined that users get their data three days ahead of schedule – on “Day 2” after close!

Trading “Apps” for Applications: May the Best Supply Chain Platform Win (Part 1)

Even though we’re woefully under-qualified to write about apps and platforms compared to some truly geeky technologists we know, it’s important for general Spend Matters readers (on the procurement and supply sides) to understand the massive scale of how the application and network market is going to be transformed in the coming decade.

Exploring A/P and Procurement Best Practices at P&G: Lesson 2

We all know the flip side of opportunity. Complexity is also a driver of risk. More “moving parts” imply a higher probability of things breaking down. This makes modeling and reducing/managing complexity a key competency to staying lean and aligned across the value chain.

Apple's Procurement Strategy

Recently, news surfaced that Apple is planning to award more business to a relatively unknown company called Pegatron. Though the jury is still out on the success of such a move, it nevertheless provides some pointers on the procurement’s alignment with overall organizational goals. GEP takes a look at the potential benefits of Apple's decision, from risk diversification to margins sustenance.

All About Suppliers

We’re concluding this present whirl of webinar gaiety with one that takes a new look at a classic topic: the future of supplier management. Attendees can expect to find out why supplier management is becoming more central to procurement thinking, how a supplier focus can help procurement people position themselves better within their organizations, what are the best practice principles in supplier management that organizations can implement, and more.

6 Ways Supplier Networks Simplify Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier networks can be a very effective solution for companies looking to ease the burden of SRM and make relationships with their suppliers more successful. Verian presents six ways that supplier networks can be used in order to streamline supplier management.

Future Sourcing: The End of the RFI

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Alan Buxton, COO of MarketMaker4. I see a lot of RFIs. And I have to admit that it […]