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Exploring the supply chain finance and P2P implications based on Greensill’s restructuring

Earlier today, the WSJ reported that Greensill Capital could face restructuring or liquidation. For those not involved in the esoteric world of trade financing (and supply chain finance, or “SCF,” in particular), it can be difficult to understand the structures that Greensill and its peers are involved with. So let’s first define supply chain finance (and offshoots of it) for those which are just coming up to speed before exploring the supply chain finance and procure-to-pay (P2P) implications of Greensill’s potential restructuring.

Get smart — Early-pay finance vendor assessment

How does a corporation begin to evaluate vendors? What questions should they ask? This can seem overwhelming. Following a disciplined approach helps. We at Spend Matters have built a detailed early-pay finance solution map template of 100+ unique requirements. Here is a look at a sample of some key categories along with a few sample questions.

Supply Chain Finance to help avoid crisis for smaller suppliers

supply chain finance

Experts from the Supply Chain Finance Observatory at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, Federico Caniato and Antonella Moretto, and a director of the […]