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After this college freshman spent his COVID quarantine building a $200 million PPE supply chain, he’s ready for more

The whole world went into overdrive in the spring and summer to ensure proper supplies of key disease-fighting products. And although the world is shifting into a new procurement issue — the mass vaccination effort — PPE is still being relied upon to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Since Jack Yuan's company’s inception in early 2020, Tianchi has collaborated with hospitals, governments, nonprofits and businesses to help bring critical PPE to organizations around the world. It has already supplied more than 600 million PPE products and recorded a revenue of $200 million. The ability to create such a successful supply chain, especially as manufacturers around the globe were pressed thin, is remarkable.

And the college sophomore isn't planning on stopping anytime soon. Yuan talked with Spend Matters about PPE procurement and how the 19-year-old created a successful supply chain.