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Pandemics and the Supply Chain: What’s the Actual Risk Factor? [Plus+]

Don't forget to join us for tomorrow's Ask the Expert webinar featuring VP of Research Thomas Kase and Heiko Schwarz, Managing Director at riskmethods. This topic goes way beyond ebola, though that's what's making headlines right now. Thomas and Heiko will walk you through the actual risk factors pandemics bring to the supply chain, but then they'll also touch on the HR aspect (layering in pandemics alongside kidnapping, general crime, political issues, geo events such floods, earthquakes, etc.), and finish with prudent and realistic strategies companies can take to protect their supply chains. If you're a Spend Matters Plus or PRO member, we hope to see you tomorrow from 10-10:30am Central for Should You Be Worried About Ebola in Your Supply Chain?

Will Supply Risk Be the US Military’s Downfall?

IDG News Service recently published a fascinating summary of supply risk in today's US defense supply chain, looking at a range of vulnerabilities posed by […]

Conflict Minerals – Dodd-Frank, Section 1502

The following is a preview from Thomas Kase's upcoming presentation at Conflict Minerals EDGE, on May 6 at Hotel Sax Chicago. It's not too late […]

Beyond Bird Flu 2.0 – Inoculate Your Supply Base Against Supply Chain Risk [PRO]

The bigger story is that even after all the repeated adverse events in the supply chain, companies still seem to struggle with how to reduce supply risk and increase supply resiliency/integrity with limited budgets. It’s not easy. But even though risks continue to proliferate within our increasingly global, interconnected, digitized, and outsourced supply chains, I wonder whether the media fatigue surrounding these events de-sensitize management to the risks.

Vendor Ratings in the Post-Analyst Apocalypse (Part 2) [Plus+]

First, we need two different approaches, one for larger, public companies, and one for small vendors. We know there is more risk with small vendors. Large companies rarely shut down overnight, but “ACME Widgets Inc.” might. The financial history, credit rating, etc. all the information typically used for rating large companies is not readily available for small companies; or if available, is of questionable accuracy. We all know this already of course – if you don’t, you need to read up on our research!

Of Supplier Management…and Horsemeat

The horsemeat scandal in the UK has been occupying a lot of media attention and, I’m sure, much time and effort amongst procurement and supply […]

Supply Risk Meets the Horse’s Ass

Horse does not taste like chicken -- as some British consumers have recently found out. Before I go into the details of that discovery, let […]