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Oracle Open World – e-three: The Semi-Secret EBS R12 Delivery Option (Part 2) [PRO]

Continuing with our review of e-three’s capability as an Oracle hosting and service delivery partner, we will explore some more solution components and then offer a summary view of how their capabilities compare in the market and what potential customers should consider.

“Oracle Open World” [PRO]

e-Three is actually the only provider of this type of Oracle EBS access with the level of depth they bring in enabling services (on a category basis), and they work intimately with the Oracle sales team to exploit their advantage. Other Oracle partners may excel in transactional and P2P capabilities, but e-Three puts the classic strategic sourcing areas first. Oracle recognizes this and in fact, a full 95% of e-Three’s deals now come from one of Oracle’s 7,000-strong sales team (despite the fact they’re often brought in too late to close a deal). Around two- thirds of their clients have some Oracle solutions already, around 10% have no previous Oracle solutions, and the remaining 20% are pure Oracle shops.