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A.T. Kearney’s great shakeout report anticipates national self-sufficiency, accelerated M&A in the wake of Covid-19

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On top of the health effects already seen across the globe from Covid-19, the pandemic has affected governments, businesses and citizens in ways that will have lasting effects on the world order and economy, according to A.T. Kearney, which explores these seismic changes and examines possible trends from 2020-2025 in its “The Great Shakeout” report. 

Surprise Findings from IBM’s CPO Survey: Background

The IBM Institute for Business Value recently conducted its Chief Procurement Officer Study based on survey data from “1,128 CPOs from organizations with annual revenue in excess of USD $1 billion.” Our own discussions with IBM suggest these were not all “CPOs” in title, but they were procurement executives. The survey was completed with the support of IBM’s research partner, Oxford Economics, and the data collected came from “22 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.”

Compliance Approaches: Our Survey Results and Analysis

Before Conflict Minerals (for its traceability and compliance requirements, see The Definitive Guide to Conflict Minerals Compliance for Manufacturers), REACH and RoHS supply chain compliance […]

The Genesis of a Firestorm – Managing Risk and Value in the Supply Base (Part 2) [Plus+]

To manage the complexities of the brave new supply chain, few things are more important than more and better data, as well as improved tools to analyze and manage the data points. Much is happening on both fronts – recent developments around unique exposure to commodity shortages (helium, earth metals) and regulations (Dodd-Frank; tin and other metals) in multi-tier supply chains coupled with the qualitative risks (social media, sustainability) and all the traditional risks have come together around driving new solutions and processes.

The Genesis of a Firestorm – Managing Risk and Value in the Supply Base (Part 1) [Plus+]

The other week I attended the Managing Risk & Value forum held in Atlanta. Participants came from a range of firms – Brauer Aerospace & Defense, CP Kelco, DuPont, HD Supply, Home Depot and many others. The event was organized by Firestorm and Genesis, with the most famous draw being John Campi, currently Managing Partner at Genesis, formerly SVP Sourcing and Vendor Management at Home Depot, prior to this CPO at Chrysler, CPO at DuPont, and a series of procurement positions with other household names.