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Trade Extensions — Brainstorming How to Accelerate the Adoption of Sourcing Optimization

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At the Trade Extensions customer event today in Chicago, a number of attendees, myself included, voiced their opinion on how to tailor sourcing optimization technology to meet their future needs and to drive adoption. Since Trade Extensions is on the cutting edge of sourcing optimization, as are many of its customers, the suggestions were fascinating indeed. Curiously, many thoughts center on areas around the technology rather than the core solution itself.

Trade Extensions Customer Event: From Bicycles to Airplanes

Trade Extensions

Sheena Smith, vice president of client services, and I will be covering the Trade Extensions U.S. Customer Event, focused on the topic of “managing complexity,” live throughout the day. (Expect some additional analysis and commentary later in the week.) We won’t be mentioning customer names but instead will share a blinded and aggregated view of what advanced procurement organizations are doing with Trade Extensions.

Spend Matters 50/50: Trade Extensions – A Provider to Know

There is hope for changing how we think about sourcing and designing supply chains and supply networks in a world of increasing complexity. And Trade Extensions, whose technology is often used in a narrow manner as a best of breed solutions for logistics sourcing, is perhaps the one provider that is ideally suited to help companies embrace this complexity far beyond just the movement of goods. Indeed, Trade Extensions have an exceptional list of truly radical sourcing customer stories already that will stop seasoned experts dead in their tracks by showing what is possible.