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Tradeshift Acquires Product Information Management Provider Merchantry

Tradeshift announced Tuesday the acquisition of Merchantry, a leading cloud-based product information management (PIM) provider, for $30 million in cash and stock. While Merchantry has traditionally focused on sell-side and retail product information management, its technology is a close fit with what is necessary to enable catalog content management for procurement – and deeper in a range of areas based on past use case support.

Tradeshift, CapitalAid, and Supplier Financing: Christian Lanng Speaks Out on OB10 and More

The worlds of procurement and accounts payable (A/P) systems and supplier financing are set to collide. With the recent Tradeshift and CapitalAid announcement coming on the heels of the OB10/Tungsten acquisition and IPO, the physical and financial supply chain worlds from both the systems and banking perspectives have never been closer – or at least showing the early stages of material convergence. Spend Matters had the chance to interview Tradeshift’s Christian Lanng on a range of topics, including the nuances between the funding approach and mechanisms of the CapitalAid partnership and platform.

Mexico CFDI e-invoicing: Wildfire vs Fusion

Not all viral effects are born equal. With its new mandatory CDFI legislation, Mexico has set off a catalyst that next year will send a whole economy electronic. But back in 2007, when I led the project of the Danish e-invoicing tool, EasyTrade, it was a different story. When we were designing a better way for the government to manage interactions with suppliers, we knew that the immediate impact would be upon one layer of businesses - those we directly worked with. But because we stuck to the principles of making it free and open (even open source), the impact spread from business to business as awareness grew of the advantages it offered.

Tradeshift’s Analyst Day: Summary and Key Takeaways

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Tradeshift’s Analyst Day: Intuit and QuickBooks (Part 2)

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Tradeshift’s Analyst Day: Framing the Opportunity

We’re live blogging Tradeshift’s analyst day today. Please click here  for the first dispatch. TradeShift’s Christian Lanng kicked off the morning session in NYC by […]