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The African Procurement Journey – European Leg

Thomas Kase is chairing the East Africa Procurement Summit in Nairobi, Kenya this week. Spend Matters is featuring his live dispatches and reflections from the […]

Rearden Launches Its Deem at Work Platform & Suite For SMB Spend Control and Savings (Finale) [Plus+]

Spend Matters applauds Rearden for releasing the Deem suite with as much an investment in content and connectivity into a supply base as functional product depth itself. The combination of content, focused on SKU-level insight and non-standard, discounted pricing, and functional procurement, expense management and related capabilities could prove highly disruptive in the SMB market, especially given the “freemium” model that Rearden is deploying (e.g., charging per user, per month, for expense reports, but providing the Purchase module for free for the current base package).