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Market Performance Review: SAP, Xchanging, Capgemini, and E2Open [Plus+]

Considering the maturity of the firm, SAP has had an impressive run of late. Whilst the Ariba acquisition clearly isn’t fully integrated yet, the markets clearly like what they see in Walldorf at the moment. Their stock traded at between €55 and €60 through June and early July, but has risen steadily to around €72 at time of writing (earlier this week) – comfortably outperforming the market gain of about 5%. That may be driven by an expectation that management is taking a more aggressive approach to growth and acquisitions.

How Has the SAP/Ariba Deal Affected Other Firms’ Stock Prices? [Plus+]

It’s been almost two months since the seismic event of the procurement year so far: SAP’s acquisition of Ariba. Whilst many of the questions we raised at the time have yet to be answered, such as the way any product integration might develop or how the two firms’ sales efforts may or may not mesh, we thought it might be an appropriate time to look at the effect on a number of SAP and Ariba’s key competitors.