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Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: GEP (Formerly Global eProcure) — Part 4 [Plus+]

Within its sourcing modules, GEP’s supplier view begins with a bid envelope -- typically with an NDA and bid participation acknowledgement as the first step. Buyers can tweak their process to use the NDA as an access gate as well as to accept scanned and uploaded attachments in this process. GEP’s module can even be set up to allow vendors to view RFX details prior to passing the NDA step -- perhaps a public procurement option? Suppliers can also review prior activities.

Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: GEP (Formerly Global eProcure) — Part 3 [Plus+]

GEP RFx module goes beyond the workflow basics. It uses a project management timeline feature to aid in managing more complicated workflows by segmenting (and delegating) tasks and stages. An interesting twist is how it uses approval tied to steps and not an overall RFx. This is a clever approach to bring other stakeholders such as internal subject matter experts (SMEs), legal, etc. into the process at a granular decision-making level without requiring their involvement more broadly. The toolset also has an elegant means of tracking supplier progress and event completion levels, helping buyers stay on top of their events and showing where they should be paying attention to areas that require their involvement.

Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: GEP (Formerly Global eProcure) — Part 2 [Plus+]

We like GEP’s user interface. It’s fresh. The initial user dashboard uses a hexagonal grid to show enabled solutions/modules and how they connect around the core, the GEP Suite. User-specific content and feeds are on the lower left of the welcome screen, company-specific notes/broadcasts are on the upper left and GEP-focused content is on the bottom right. Once a company has more than a few modules it can be challenging to lay them out in a logical way, and we think GEP has done a good job with creatively coming up with a UI that we haven’t seen before. There’s a modern feel to the design and we find it intuitive.

Spend Matters Vendor Analysis: GEP (Formerly Global eProcure) — Part 1 [Plus+]

To keep our PRO readers (and ourselves) up to speed on technology developments, we field numerous briefings and product demonstrations at Spend Matters. This Vendor Snapshot format provides a succinct look at the technology reviewed -- with a side order of quick, honest analysis. This lighter format aims to complement our regular, deeper analysis based on both in-depth solution testing and actual customer interviews. Aside from a brief company overview and product footprint, this GEP Snapshot is focused entirely on their software capability in the spend analysis and sourcing areas. We will explore their P2P capabilities (and broader BPO and consulting offerings) later this year.