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9 Tips for VMS Selection in a Post-SAP/Fieldglass World [Plus+]

In the past few weeks, the Spend Matters analyst team has had the chance to meet or talk with management and/or customers from all of the major vendor management system (VMS) providers. In nearly all of the discussions, questions on the future of SAP/Fieldglass have come up and how the combination of the two providers may begin to impact selection decisions. At Fieldglass, it’s business as usual based on what we’ve learned. That’s a good thing for customers today. But no doubt, marketing, pricing and roadmap decisions will eventually factor into what current and future Fieldglass customers will expect. This Spend Matters Plus Research brief offers a “Quick Recommendations Selection Checklist” for customers either considering a VMS tool for the first time, or contemplating a switch to Fieldglass and SAP.

VMS and Services Procurement M&A: Customer Tips and Tactics [PRO]

Last week, we featured an investor perspective of the vendor management system (VMS) market, suggesting, for a variety of reasons, a 90% probability that one of the top VMS players (Fieldglass, IQNavigator or Beeline) will be acquired in the next 12 months (see M&A Watch: Which Top VMS Will Be Acquired in The Next 12 Months?) There are many reasons why any set of analytical minds covering the market could arrive at such a conclusion, but more important for customers and competitor perspectives is what companies can actually do to prepare for acquisition activity in the services procurement sector.

VMS and Services Procurement Acquisition Watch: Fieldglass, IQNavigator, Beeline?

Yesterday, we featured an in-depth analysis of why we believe with 90% certainty that at least one of the largest vendor management system (VMS) providers such as Fieldglass, IQNavigator or Beeline will be acquired in the next 12 months. Thinking about investors and potential suitors, there are a range of converging reasons why the timing is right for a transaction. Among others areas, we note that “fund timing” could be right given that the two largest VMS providers are currently owned by private equity firms.

M&A Watch: Which Top VMS Will Be Acquired in The Next 12 Months? [PRO]

Services procurement management and categories are increasingly getting intertwined with regular procurement operations and oversight. Year-by-year, procurement is gaining influence over a wide variety of services spending areas, from basic contingent labor to complex business process outsourcing (BPO) areas – not to mention a large number of categories in between. Yet best-of-breed contingent and SOW – as opposed to specialized category specific – suite solutions for services procurement such as Fieldglass, IQNavigator, Beeline and Provade have long remained independent of suite procurement specialists and ERP providers, which have the dominant ear of procurement senior management outside of the services area. This is likely to change for a variety of reasons in the coming years, one of which is our hypothesis that SAP (and possibly IBM or Oracle) will acquire one of the top VMS providers, even paying a healthy premium (and market valuation) to do so. We believe with near certainty (90% probability) that at least one transaction will happen in the next 12 months.

Fieldglass: Procurement Collaboration Dabbles in Social Capabilities [PRO]

A few months ago, Fieldglass gave us a quick introduction on how they’ve embedded “social” capabilities at the core of their VMS application. While we think social can (and should) mean more in the context of a variety of requisition tools (from services procurement to P2P to direct procurement) – than what early examples are proving today, Fieldglass is no doubt taking the right step in social collaboration direction. But their early efforts leave us thinking: what will be next and will be see entire VMS and P2P toolsets built to support the social enterprise at the core?