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Webinar: Samsung shares a sourcing transformation journey

sourcing optimization

On June 8th, Spend Matters will be hosting a webinar with multinational electronics organization Samsung and sourcing optimization and intelligent automation solutions provider Keelvar. Samsung will be taking us on a journey of transformation of their transportation sourcing, highlighting how Keelvar worked with them to address their needs, understand their processes and provide ongoing support. They will also discuss the outcomes achieved and the next steps to further enhance the transformation.

"Time-to-value is a critical ROI metric for many procurement and sourcing teams," says Keelvar CEO Alan Holland, "and as this webinar and case study will feature, sourcing optimization can deliver strong, measurable transformation benefits in very short order. It's important to hear these real-world, proven examples of how sourcing events can be launched quickly, often in a matter of days, and then supplier award scenarios analyzed efficiently, thanks to modern user experience design and automation."

Webinar with Medius: Why AP is a fundamental partner to procurement


On April 27 Spend Matters will be joined by spend management solutions provider and specialist in AP automation, Medius, to talk about how organizations can drive growth through best-in-class process efficiency between procurement and AP, leading to cost-savings opportunities and greater financial control (register here).

A specific focus of the discussion will be on the financial control theme, recognizing that when it comes to spend management process improvements, whether from technology implementation or behavioral change, it is more often than not the last step in the process that gets left out: AP. Whether digitizing or automating processes, it’s important to do that for the whole process, not just part of it if we want to see comprehensive results. So this webinar aims to explain the imperative of making Accounts Payable part of your process improvement process, and why AP is such a valuable partner to procurement, and vice versa.

Procurement data nightmares? No more bad dreams — join our webinar with Creactives


Organizations are thinking more deeply about their categorization strategies and are putting more and more store by what harmonized procurement data categorization can do for them when applied in an AI-driven manner. The problem for procurement is that they are often asked to work with spend data that comes from both structured and unstructured origins and which is merged from various sources, including disparate IT systems from various regions. They then have to align it and somehow arrive at a global, single and accurate view to help them understand what is being spent where, when, how and with whom in order to help procurement deliver business value (not to mention savings).

Recognizing that many procurement organizations are still struggling with data challenges and are seeking advice on how to solve them, we are putting together a webinar with the experts at Creactives to help organizations understand exactly what they can realistically do.

Webinar: Stop Chasing Your Own Tail Spend — Tame It

tail spend

GEP, a global provider of consulting, outsourcing and technology solutions to procurement and supply chain organizations, will hold a webinar Thursday, September 10, to discuss how businesses can get a handle on those costs they can’t always see — the tail spend.

Real-Time Procurement Data for Total Purchasing Control: A 3-Part Webinar Series

Out with the old and in with the new, and for procurement, real-time data is the leading edge of what organizations like the LDS Church are doing to achieve total purchasing control and ensure compliance with suppliers. This recorded three-part webinar series from Aquiire and Spend Matters digs deep on the B2B procurement shopping list to unearth real savings for your company. Transforming Procurement in Real-Time is now available for download here.

Transforming Procurement in Real Time: Announcing a New Webinar Series

It's a bit late for spring cleaning, but when it comes to your procurement processes, there is no time better than the present to get current and get organized. Presenting a 3-part recorded webinar learning series from Spend Matters and Aquiire: Transforming Procurement in Real Time. Spend Matters' Xavier Olivera is joined by a series of guests, including from LDS Church, to discuss the benefits of real-time data and how practitioners and their peers are using it to their advantage.

Procurement’s Role in the Enterprise Working Capital Mandate

With a heightened awareness over how a supplier ecosystem affects a company’s balance sheet, implementing working capital programs is increasingly part of the procurement and supply chain organizations' responsibilities, in addition to the traditional worlds of treasury and finance. The ever constant pressure to find “cash” in an organization is now commonplace as the days of cash-rich businesses having excess cash or access to cheap bank sources of funding are all but over. Combine that with technology and macroeconomic trends that have affected many business processes, including supply chain flows, and more so than ever, companies must find ways to work out supply chain finance programs between departments and outside the organization.

Embracing (and Enabling) the Future of Work: Webinar Tomorrow!


Join Andrew Karpie, research director of services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, and Stuart Kliman of Vantage Partners tomorrow for an in-depth look at how organizations like yours are preparing to adopt flexible workforces to succeed in today's evolving work climate. Enabling the Future of Work: What Organizations Will Look Like and How to Drive the Necessary Change will take place at 1 p.m. CDT.!

How Your Organization Can Enable the Future of Work — Webinar April 13

Agility is the hallmark of today's leading organizations, especially when it comes to talent. By utilizing flexible talent strategies, these companies are realizing cost savings from their contingent (or flexible) workforce. But how are they (and potentially you) preparing for the future of work? Join Andrew Karpie, research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, and Stuart Kliman, change management expert  Vantage Partners, for a tutorial on what processes will need to change in order to adopt a more flexible workforce.

Risk Management Strategies for a Complex World: Webinar Next Week!

Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, joins Icertis to discuss Risk Management Strategies for a Complex World on Thursday, April 6, at 12 p.m. CDT. During the event, they will cover: how to identify the significant risks hidden in contracts, real world stories on how leading organizations have managed risk, the advantages of an enterprise contract management platform and more. Sign up here!