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Webinar: How to implement a working capital mandate with your supplier ecosystem

early-pay finance

As many companies, especially smaller ones, face liquidity challenges during their Covid-19 recovery journey, buying organizations are looking for ways to offer their suppliers early-pay finance schemes to alleviate cash flow difficulties. Supporting the supply base to sustain a continuous and seamless trading cycle has become essential for growth, business continuity and innovation, for both parties. However, for many organizations, finding the right approach poses some difficult questions, and it’s often hard to know where to start.

Join our webinar on June 30 with working capital solutions experts LSQ and David Gustin, President of Global Business Intelligence, to understand how to assess your current constraints and legacy environment to evaluate programs; how to evaluate addressable spend and early-pay options; what key strategic questions must you get right from the beginning and how to get to a decision and set management expectations.