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Don’t Assume It’s a No-Brainer: Driving Sustainable Value in Procurement Outsourcing (Part 2)

Put a strong governance process in place. Governance meetings are critical for PO success and its sustainability. It is not uncommon for organizations to avoid, delay, and/or miss governance meetings. Avoid such misses and delays at all times. Ensure regular governance meetings are set with a clear agenda, objectives, actions, and follow-ups.

Driving Sustainable Value in Procurement Outsourcing – Don’t Assume It’s a No-Brainer

The Procurement Outsourcing (PO) industry has rapidly emerged. It grew at 10% in the last year and reached $220 billion in terms of managed spend, according to Everest Group. They also predict PO to grow at a rate of 15-23% annually over the next 10 years. Yet, while the PO market is on the rise, first-time contracts are often leaving clients unsatisfied and hesitant to renew. In a two-part series, I’ll examine the common pitfalls that cause this phenomenon and the steps to avoid them.

The CFO and CPO Conundrum: Solving for Closer Collaboration

It is common knowledge that CFOs and CPOs share similar goals within the company. They are both tasked with responsibilities around increasing cash, cutting cost, and enforcing compliance and business control to reduce risk. The two titles have a laser focus on achieving savings, monitoring, and controlling risk while leveraging technologies and processes for greater transparency and value. Working hand in hand, procurement and finance can garner more meaningful results at a higher level that still encompass effectively cutting expenses, streamlining transaction costs, and mitigating potential liabilities.

Xchanging and MarketMaker4: PRO-Level Analysis and MM4’s Capabilities [PRO]

Earlier today, Xchanging announced it was acquiring MarketMaker4 (MM4), a specialist in the e-sourcing market. In our initial coverage, we noted that MM4 brought a set of unique assets to Xchanging, including a sourcing toolset and management cockpit that stands out from competitors in several ways (but also lacking in certain areas). We’ll cover some of MM4’s capabilities in today’s piece, which should be sufficient to understand how it compares to other sourcing tools in the market. Next week, we’ll feature a more detailed customer, competitor, BPO and procurement services ecosystem analysis of the transaction.

US-Style MRO Procurement in Europe

Marcus Olsen is Director of Strategic Sourcing Solutions at Xchanging. Xchanging provides BPO, technology and procurement services internationally for customers across various sectors.  MRO is […]