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Does Procurement Truly Appreciate the Value of P2P?

Are people in your business actually buying against the contracts you spent so much time negotiating? When Xoomworks' Simon Hurst poses this question to procurement practitioners at conferences, the answer he gets often is that there is another team taking care of it. Achieving this is partly down to having a solid and well-implemented Purchase to Pay (P2P) system, or even better a fully integrated Source to Pay (S2P) system with contract management. Having the ability to turn your sourcing event into an awarded contract and catalogue that can then be purchased against is immensely powerful and also allows you to track spend against your contracts—in other words, compliance.

Using Business Intelligence, Intelligently

There are several key parts to getting BI working well for you – working out what to measure, getting the right data together, presenting the information coherently, and finally, using the results to change behaviour. There is no doubt that procurement needs BI to respond intelligently, as it is driven to deliver greater savings, improve efficiency, manage risk, and increasingly, play a more strategic role in the business’s direction. But is it being used as effectively as it could be?

How SaaS Affects Your Procurement Projects (Plus: Implementation Tips)

Implementing Software as a Service (SaaS) is just the same as implementing an on-premise procurement solution, right? Same software vendor, same functionality, same look and feel – just a different pricing model with someone else hosting it? Well, actually, not really. It requires a different mindset, a different approach, and, oftentimes, different people.