Going beyond a marketplace model for working capital: Funding a supplier’s suppliers

Do large anchor companies in the Automotive, Technology, and Consumer Brand or other global industries want to establish their own marketplace for working capital that can extend beyond their direct supplier relationships and go deeper into the supply chain?

That is a question worth asking, because certainly the technology is there to do so.

Tradeshift to Partner with C2FO, Extend Working Capital Access Across Network

Supplier collaboration platform Tradeshift announced Tuesday it would partner with C2FO to expand dynamic discounting solutions to a broader network of suppliers and buyers. The partnership will provide more suppliers access to the C2FO working capital market to improve cash flow and allow more buyers to increase pre-tax earnings through early repayment. The partnership can be summarized as follows: Tradeshift, the company that views itself as the B2B equivalent of, now provides an app for working capital through C2FO, the only solution provider that enables buyers to set the APR return and auction cash to suppliers based on the rates set by latter.