About Trade Financing Matters

Who is Trade Financing Matters?

Trade Financing Matters (TFM) is a sister site of Spend Matters.

Jason Busch and David Gustin have joined forces to combine the existing Spend Matters P2P coverage with David’s existing body of research and extensive network gained through managing Global Business Intelligence, a trade financing research and advisory firm. David will serve as Managing Director and Editor.

Our mission is simple, discuss the issues around the convergence of banking/finance with Supplier Networks, einvoicing, eProcurement, Purchase to Pay and Order to Cash technologies. Trade Financing Matters will focus on the financial supply chain, and its intersections with purchase-to-pay platforms, technologies and processes (and broader procurement, accounts payable, treasury and related functional areas). Payables Finance and Receivables Finance will form the core of the coverage.

Why did we start TFM?

Simply, Trade Credit is something that when it is working well, no one notices, but take it away, and supply chains are disrupted. In today’s environment of tight credit, widening pricing, changes in banking regulations, emerging technologies, etc., corporates, banks, vendors, and others involved in facilitating credit, whether under the guise of Trade Credit, Trade Finance, Working Capital, Supply Chain Finance, Factoring, Asset Based Lending, etc. need to better understand each other and the changing landscape.

TFM is written for CFOs, Treasurers, Credit Managers, Procurement professionals, Vendors, Bankers, and others dealing with the myriad of issues around trade credit issues in their supply chain. Our mission is to engage with a steady stream of top-quality, progressive, and original content.