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Asset Advisers/Brokers/Funding

Advisors originate and structure assets – they can be involved in servicing, brokering and structuring, but generally receive no fees for managing money. Funding providers use their capital to inject liquidity into a trade transaction.

Funding Options

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Greensill Capital

Greensill Capital is an independent finance company that unlocks working capital and generates margin improvement for our global clients via better management of trade payables, receivables and inventory. In addition to delivering some of the industry’s largest investment-grade supply chain finance programmes, Greensill Capital is the leading provider for non-investment grade obligors as well as delivering solutions to reach the “long tail” of suppliers via partnerships with leading technology platforms.

The firm was founded in 2011 by a team of industry experts who previously led the supply chain finance businesses at Citibank and Morgan Stanley. The firm has a team of over 130 professionals globally, with offices in London, New York, Chicago, Frankfurt and Sydney. Since launching, Greensill has completed over 80 supply chain finance programmes totalling $5 billion across multiple geographies, and currencies, building on the list of 250 programmes the team ran prior to forming Greensill Capital.

Greensill Capital is an active and established investor in SCF assets, utilising its own balance sheet as well as that of its subsidiary bank, Greensill Bank AG. As well as holding assets, Greensill distributes to a wide range of investors including banks and institutional investors, actively utilising the capital markets to fund the largest supply chain finance transactions. Our deal sizes run from several million dollars of outstanding assets to several billion per obligor.

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